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What's Worth Visiting 

The village of Nikiti has lately become an attraction for tourists. The Panagia Bay, with its beautiful port where sea trips around Mount Athos are organized, with the picturesque monasteries, literally hanging from the steep mountain tops of the peninsula and which can be admired during one of these trips. 


Agios Nikolaos, the small Mediterranean, and romantic town, with traditional 19th-century houses on old cobbled streets. You can also visit the churches of Agios Georgios and Agia Paraskevi. The area is famous for producing good wine, tsipouro, honey, and olive oil.


The village of Neos Marmaras, with the green mountain Itamos in its background and the small island in the foreground, is the most cosmopolitan resort of  Sithonia. Sarti, a village built in the greater area of ancient Sarti. The view from the street is amazing, with the fantastic beach stretching in front of you and the dark green mountains casting their shadow over it. On the 15th of August don’t miss the traditional fair of Sarti.

The beaches of the area are unique and numerous. Only 50 meters away lies the famous Lagonisi beach which looks like an exotic destination, as well as beaches Dimitrakia, Fteroti, Karidi, Pnevmatiko, and Platani. To the south of the peninsula, we meet the beaches of  Kalamitsi, Platanitsi, and the coast of  Armenistis with characteristic white stones in its greenish-blue waters. At a very close distance and on the west side of Sithonia are the beaches of  Ay-Giannis, Kovios, the famous beach of Kalogria for sea sports, the beach of Elia and the verdant coast of Lagomandras

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